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“When we give more, we live more”  

xo Jules 


i am a former immersion teacher with both a teaching and HR background from

seoul>chicago>seoul>san francisco>losangeles....

currently, i live near the coast of los angeles, with my two children who are the light of my entire life. i was born in south korea (70s baby) and spent my childhood in the northwest suburbs of illinois (80s). the latter part of my youth and early college years (90s) were spent back in seoul; dedicated to being the ideal "proper korean young lady" :) and model foreign exchange student....while having the - ultimate - time - of - my - life with my university & international expat friends. my early 20s led me to san francisco/bay area where I continued and completed my education. my 30s were dedicated to starting my family in LA; marriage and motherhood. i turned 40 with much pride and great satisfaction. mainly because i began writing a new chapter for myself. same character, similar plot, same edge and humor, just a different storyline and perspective on life. this time, i am a student of meditation, still learning the true meaning of unconditional love and self-acceptance and living my day to day life with more universal heart, gratitude and compassion than ever before. settling into my 40s, I cut my hair and pushed myself beyond my known limits...eventually birthing a clothing line.....for all your other days.

xo jules. 


With God, all things are possible.  -Matthew 19:26