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Convertible Poncho | Scarf

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Hey there, globetrotting goddesses! Meet your new travel essential – the Convertible Cape Wrap, designed with wanderlust in mind! It's the ultimate companion for women like you who are always on the go, seeking adventure and style in every step you take.


  • One size; versatile
  • Our best selling travel accessory
  • Scarf 
  • Poncho
  • Shawl
  • Wrap
  • Sarong
  • 92% heavyweight micro modal beechwood jersey | 8% spandex
  • Signature beechwood fibers imported from Austria
  • Proudly made in Los Angeles

Picture this: you're at the airport, ready to jet off to your next exciting destination. You simply "throw on and go" with our Convertible Cape Wrap. Whether you need some extra coverage and chicness as a sleek outer layer or a vibrant accent scarf to elevate your outfit, this cape wrap does it all – and it does it fabulously!

    The multi-wear versatility of this piece is a travel dream come true. Use it as a stylish poncho to keep you cozy and chic during those long flights or chilly evenings by the beach. Toss it over your shoulders as a fashion-forward shawl, perfect for exploring new cities in style. Oh, and when you need to add a little pop and personality to your outfit, transform it into an eye-catching scarf – it's like having three fabulous pieces in one!

      • The best part? It's one size fits all, so you can pack light and still look effortlessly put together no matter where your adventures take you. From cobblestone streets to exotic markets, from majestic landmarks to hidden gems, the Convertible Cape Wrap is your versatile travel companion that adds that touch of fashion flair to every moment.
      • And the fun doesn't stop there! Back at home, this cape wrap continues to be your stylish sidekick. Heading out for a brunch date with friends? Throw it on for that extra "wow" factor. Staying in for a cozy movie night? Wrap yourself up in its warmth and softness. Whether you're wandering the world or enjoying the comfort of home, this cape wrap has your back (and front and sides)!

      Whether you're exploring far-off lands or your local neighborhood, this cape wrap is your ticket to endless style possibilities. So go ahead, pack it in your suitcase and let the wanderlust begin – the world is waiting for you, and you'll conquer it in style, one chic outfit at a time!

        For a complete travel outfit, pair with our Perfectly Imperfect Top and Pants de Fleur

        Our signature modal is celebrated for its finer, softer beechwood fibers.

              Convertible Poncho | Scarf
              Convertible Poncho | Scarf Sale price$138.00